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Outdoor fireplaces turn your patio into an oasis

Outdoor fireplaces are much more attractive as part of your landscape design, and will even add the benefit of privacy screening. Outdoor fireplaces certainly cost more, but they also get used more even in areas with long winters. Outdoor fireplaces also work much better in windy areas and allow you to account for wind. Smoke from an outdoor fireplace will blow up the chimney, rather than to your seating area. The overall design of your outdoor fireplace allows it to take up much less square footage of your outdoor living space than a firepit, and you can custom design your firepit for unparalleled aesthetic appeal. 

Fireplace type

Fireplace type

Fireplace Brand

Fireplace Brand
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Kozy Heat Slayton 36 Linear Direct Vent Fireplace
Kozy Heat Slayton 36 Linear Direct Vent Fireplace

Includes:  Black Safety Screen, Full Function Thermostatic Remote Control, Reflective Interior Panels, Amber Crystal Glass Media,  Beach Accent Media Kit (combination of River Rocks and Small Pieces of Driftwood), Variable Speed Blower Kit

Mitis Yellow Oak

Mitis Red Oak

Mitis Hickory

Mitis White Oak

Mitis Cherry


Mannington Beach Haven


Color: Mist
Product Number: 130071

Featured in a modern day subway layout, Beach Haven is a unique marble that combines soft sun bleached colors with exquisite detail.


Mannington REVIVE

With on-trend looks and bold accents, REVIVE®’s unique designs are created for styles that never go out of fashion.
Versatile, contemporary, durable stone looks that bring elegance, comfort, and style to any room or space.
Realistic, durable, and fashionable slate visuals in square and modular formats to suit any decor style and space.
Stylish, trendy, and durable small, medium, and large format wood plank visuals that complement any interior.

scriptor copy
Daltile "Scriptor"

linden point copy
Daltile "Linden Point"