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blaze king clarity 2714

blaze king clarity 2714


The Clarity 2714 boasts a large glass size of 27” x 14” and at 29 ⅛” wide it is designed to fit inside the majority of fireplace openings. The Clarity 2714 comes with a crescent shaped burner that can be turned down by up to 50%. The standard remote can be used as handheld or mounted as a wall thermostat while the IPI version can be controlled via your “Smart” devices. To customize your fireplace, choose our ceramic brick liner and traditional log set to create a more traditional look or choose our unique “Reflections” liner set with black floor glass, black rear panel glass, and mirrored glass sides for a more modern look. A river washed log set or a full colour custom artwork rear panel is also available. With 7 shroud options, the adaptability of the Clarity 2714 allows you to combine any of the above options to suite your personal desires.


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